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Seite 2: Interview mit den Machern von Jagged Alliance 2 DS


Autor: Kevin Jensen

Kategorie: Interviews
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NintendoDS Artikel vom 02.09.2005

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We talked to Pro Sotos and G. R. Moore at Strategy First about their upcomming conversion of Jagged Alliance 2 for the Nintendo DS. All they had to tell us you can find in this interview: Could you shortly present your position and introduce Strategy First to us?

Pro Sotos: My name is Pro Sotos and I work in Business Development at Strategy First. Strategy First was formed in 1990 and is best known for strategy games such as Disciples II: Dark Prophecy, Galactic Civilizations, Kohan: Immortal Sovereigns, and Europa Universalis.

G.R. Moore: I’m G.R. Moore, President and CEO of Pocket PC Studios. I’m the producer responsible for bringing Jagged Alliance 2 to mobile platforms, including NDS, WinCE and Palm OS devices. Pocket PC Studios is dedicated to the creation of innovative entertainment products for mobile technologies. We have produced many popular entertainment titles including Warlords II - Pocket PC Edition and Ancient Evil, and anticipate Jagged Alliance 2 to do very well in the mobile market. Why did you decide to develop for the Nintendo DS? And what are other projects you did for the mobile gaming sector?

Pro Sotos: It’s very difficult to play PC type strategy games on console; thus, the reason we decided to bring Jagged Alliance to the Nintendo DS is because it has a stylus. Can you introduce the game, story and the action in general to us for people who don’t know Jagged Alliance?

Pro Sotos: Jagged Alliance 2 is a game that combines strategy, role-playing and tactical elements together with an entertaining story. You create a custom character and hire a band of mercenaries to liberate the tiny nation of Arulco from a ruthless dictator. The game has a huge and dedicated fan base due to the mix of gameplay, characters and immersive storyline. Will J.A. be ported 1:1 or did you have to cut back concerning sound or graphics? And if you have to cut any sequences or parts of the PC version – to what extent will the DS version differ from the PC original?

G.R. Moore: At this point in development we have no intention of eliminating any portion of the original game from the DS version. The resulting product will be just as fit and finished as the original PC game. Can you tell us, how the touch screen will be used and will you offer any special use of the dual screen? Is the touch screen a real substitute for a computer mouse?

G.R. Moore: As we’ve proven in our previous titles, the stylus can be an excellent substitute for the mouse when implemented correctly. The DS version will allow ‘screen switching’ between the top and bottom displays for rapid unit control and combat commands. The PDA version will be presented and controlled the same as the desktop PC version. Will the player be able to take part in battles in addition to the diplomatic concerns?

G.R. Moore: The bulk of the game is the tactical combat, so most certainly the player will be involved in the fighting. On the diplomacy side, you will need to interact with your mercenaries, ensuring their moral stays high and that they are working with your other mercenaries efficiently. You’ll also need to interact with the local population to assist you in your goals. Which special additions (like new characters, maps, etc.) will the Nintendo DS Version of the game have?

G.R. Moore: It’s still too early in development to discuss any new features. Concerning the AII, which was an essential part of J.A. I & II – could it be converted without any reductions?

G.R. Moore: I don’t anticipate any need to limit the game AI. Enemy troops will do a pretty good job of using the terrain to their advantage, crouching behind rocks and trees, and falling prone to help obscure themselves. Can you tell us something about the complexity of the game?

G.R. Moore: Jagged Alliance 2 definitely has a smooth learning curve. You can get started dishing out punishment to your enemies very quickly. The combat style draws you into the game, and the command system is simple. After an hour or two of playing you’ll feel quite comfortable, and after dozens of hours of play, you’ll find yourself learning something entirely new. The game has great depth and replay value. What extent of the game can we await? How many missions will be included in J.A. II? How long would it take an average player to beat the game?

G.R. Moore: All mission objectives from the original can be expected in the mobile versions. I think it is safe to say you will see additional mission packs made available should sales warrant them.

The game is completely non-linear, so the time to ‘beat’ the game can be considerable. The average player can plan on playing many weeks at a few hours per night. Replay values is quite high with random encounters and enemy placements. Expect hundreds of hours of gameplay before you put this title away. Will J.A. have a multiplayer mode and will the game support the WiFi possibilities of the DS?

G.R. Moore: It’s still too early in development to discuss the addition of multiplayer. Will we see further PC games be transferred to the Nintendo DS in the future? How easy is it do to so?

Pro Sotos: Yes, in addition to Jagged Alliance we will be bringing Disciples to the Nintendo DS. And the final question concerning J.A. II - Can you tell us a release date for J.A. for the US and Europe?

Pro Sotos: Right now we are looking to release the game sometime in the first half of 2006. What are your favourite handheld games and which game would you like to see to go portable?

Pro Sotos: Right now I’m playing Wario War Twisted, Mario Kart: Super Circuit, and the Legend of Zelda DX: Link’s Awakening on the GameBoy Advance. For me having Jagged Alliance and Disciples on the Nintendo DS is like a dream come true. I’m really looking forward to playing those games on the handheld.

G.R. Moore: Right now I don’t have very much time available to play any new games. I was heavily involved in beta testing our Ancient Evil title for Pocket PC over the past month so I’m taking a short break from playing any games to focus entirely on our new titles. Is there anything you would like to tell our readers?

Pro Sotos: Thanks!

G.R. Moore: Thank you for this opportunity to discuss our game with you!

The interview was held by Kevin Jensen for The questions were also gathered by the Community.
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