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Seite 8: Interview mit Blossom Soft zu Western Lords


Autor: Kevin Jensen

Kategorie: Interviews
Umfang: 14 Seiten

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NintendoDS Artikel vom 23.10.2005

Deutsch | English

Interview with Xavier Dang, music composer How will you upgrade the music and take advantage of the new DS sound system?

Xavier Dang: The DS will provide me much more freedom for WL's music, it's a real pleasure for me as a musician. The switch to DS will allow me to give more space and air to the instrumentation, improve the sound quality for the existing tracks, and will give me more room for experimentation for new tracks. When did you learn music? Did you learn it in an academic institution?

Xavier Dang: I actually had to quit school very early due to personal problems. I started writing music on the computer in 1998, when my life was devoid of any joy and sense. I gave my whole into it, trained on all sorts of music and created various things (such as, my electronic music mp3 netlabel and, which features most of my own work). I started a freelancing music career recently and have already scored soundtracks for 2 games targeted for Christmas release, and have many more projects in the works.

Elder Prince: The most interesting part is that I know Xavier for 10 years to date. We met when I was the guy composing music. Xavier helped me to create my cd covers, and he even reviewed my music tracks on his website called Melvyl Castle. Old memories, old memories! What game soundtrack gives you inspiration for WL?

Xavier Dang: If you listen to the tracks I had done for WL while we were still developing for GBA, you'll obviously feel a Mitsuda influence (Chrono Trigger, Xenogears..), but I have new goals for the soundtrack and would like to stray a bit away from the casual japanese RPG soundtrack. Who is your favourite character in WL and why?

Xavier Dang: I always had a thing for girls in video games, can't help it! WL has 3 lovely female characters that I'm sure everyone will love! Did you watch “The Mysterious Cities of Gold” as a kid? Is it inspiring for the music score creation?

Xavier Dang: I've watched some episodes as a kid, and they've been aired again here in France recently! I'm now trying to get some influence from it, since the whole project tries to convey a relatively similar atmosphere. What are your favourite mobile games?

Xavier Dang: WarioWare and its sequels are the most insane things ever created, and that was a fantastic move from Nintendo. Is there anything you would like to tell our readers?

Xavier Dang: Spread WL love around! And if you know any game developers, I'm always interested in more experiences ;) I'm building my home studio with more sounds, computers and hardware, so expect some crazy tracks on my website before the end of the year :)

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